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Claims for Injuries Caused by Negligent Property Conditions

If you’ve recently fallen victim to a slip and fall accident, you may be feeling embarrassed, in pain, and worried about what to expect moving forward. A slip and fall claim is a personal injury case in which someone has slipped and suffered an injury on someone’s property due to dangerous conditions. They commonly occur at commercial properties such as grocery stores, parking lots, restaurants, convenience stores, malls, movie theaters, and hotels, as well as residential areas, including private residences, apartments, and condominium buildings.

When Should I Hire an Attorney?

As soon as you’ve received immediate medical care for your injuries, reach out to our team. It’s important to get an early start on your case and prepare all the proper documentation, including photos and statements from witnesses (while the incident is still fresh in their minds). Once we’ve reviewed the case, we’ll be able to walk you through your options and the steps moving forward.

Common Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents

There are many ways to fall victim to a slip and fall injury. If you’ve experienced an accident related to any of the following, whether you were in a commercial or residential building, do not hesitate to reach out to our top attorney so we can provide you with guidance on the next steps

Causes of slip and fall accidents include:

Common Slip & Fall Injuries

While every accident is different, there are a few common types of injuries that victims of slip and fall accidents often suffer incur. These injuries can cause lasting effects years later.

Brain Injuries

It’s common for a slip and fall to result in a blow to the head, which could cause a mild concussion or a catastrophic brain injury. Severe brain injuries can result in loss of memory, fatigue, cognitive impairment, mood changes, and the inability to work, causing long-term effects that you may never be able to recover from.

Back & Spinal Injuries

It’s common for slip and fall victims to land in an awkward and painful position. Common injuries include herniated or slipped discs or vertebrae damage. Back and spinal injuries are the most difficult to treat and can cause extreme pain and discomfort for years to come and, in some cases, can lead to paralysis if the spinal cord has been damaged.


When a person slips and falls, it’s common for them to fall on a hard surface, causing a broken wrist, arm, or leg. Hip fractures are also very common in slip and fall accidents, especially among the elderly. The recovery time can be long and painful and include expensive medical bills.

Establish Negligence in Slip & Fall Cases

For a slip and fall case to be considered valid, it must be proven that there was a dangerous condition on the property and that the accident was due to negligence of the business owner or landowner. It must also be proved that the victim did not share in the responsibility for the accident. This means that it’s the burden of the victim and their family to prove negligence. Our experienced team will be in your corner, ready to fight for what you deserve.

The Aftermath of a Slip & Fall Injury

You may think that after you’ve started your recovery, things will go back to normal, and there is no need to call an attorney. However, during the aftermath, you may discover that the healing process does not go as you had planned, and you may be faced with lifelong physical, emotional, and mental injuries on top of high medical bills that you can’t afford.

Long-term effects of a slip and fall injury can include:

It takes courage to reach out to an attorney to take action in your slip and fall case. Once you pick up the phone and call Davé Law Firm, we will help you feel peace in your decision and be your guide through the entire process. It’s time that you have someone in your corner, aggressively fighting to help you preserve dignity, financial freedom, and overall health.

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