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Assault is generally considered to be a violent crime. Because of this, it can have devastating consequences if you are convicted, including leaving you with a criminal record that can hamper future employment, housing, educational, and other life opportunities. When accused of a serious crime like assault, you may become overwhelmed with stress, fear, and worry. Such a charge calls for the experience and skills of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At the Davé Law Firm, we can give you the legal support you need at such a critical time. Our Trenton assault attorneys can help you navigate your case through the criminal court system all while tenaciously advocating for your rights and an optimum result. With thousands of successfully-resolved cases under our belts, we know how to investigate, prepare, and defend you from start to finish.

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Assault Charges in New Jersey

Assault generally involves the action of knowingly, recklessly, or negligently causing injury to someone or to put the alleged victim in fear of imminent serious injury. It may or may not include the use of a deadly weapon

Assault can be committed in various ways under the law. These can include:

With so many different definitions of various assault charges, it can be complicated to understand your particular case and possible consequences. Our Trenton assault lawyers have experience with the various types of assault and how to defend them. Your charges and potential penalties will depend on the method of contact and who the alleged victim was, whether weapons were involved, surrounding circumstances, and prior offenses, if any.

Simple Assault

Classified as a disorderly person’s offense, simple assaults involve attempts (sometimes through negligence) to either cause bodily injury to another person or make another person fear imminent bodily injury. For simple assault charges, criminal penalties typically include up to $1000 in fines and a jail term of up to six months.

Despite the presence of the word “simple” in a simple assault charge, this crime is a serious matter and can have negative impacts on many areas of your life beyond the penalties potentially imposed by the court. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys at Davé Law Firm can act on your behalf in working to convince prosecutors of your innocence, which can result in lesser punishment or in some cases, dismissal of the entire case.

Aggravated Assault

In aggravated assault cases, you are being accused of purposely or knowingly causing bodily injury or attempting to cause bodily injury to another person. This could be through reckless behavior or through the use of a weapon or deadly weapon.

Also if a simple assault has taken place against one of the following types of victims, it can be elevated to an aggravated assault charge: government employees, utility workers, healthcare workers, first responders, firemen, law enforcement officers, and school employees.

For aggravated assault convictions, general punishments include jail terms between 18 months and 10 years, much more significant fines than simple assaults, and overall sentencing dependent on the details and seriousness of the case.

Other potential consequences of an aggravated assault charge in New Jersey include:

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