Trenton Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Being ticketed for speeding may seem like a frustrating annoyance but it can actually have serious consequences. A speeding ticket in New Jersey can harm your driving record in various ways. By paying your fine and moving on, you are admitting guilt and subjected to other consequences. Having a criminal defense attorney for speeding tickets on your side can reduce your chances of having points added to your record. Speeding is an offense that should always be taken seriously because of the significant fines and other possible penalties.

At Davé Law Firm, we have been advocating for clients in all types of traffic cases, including those involving speeding. When you bring your case to us, we will thoroughly investigate the matter and put together a defense designed to achieve the best possible outcome. Our legal team is highly-experienced in presenting strong cases before judges and are known for our skilled and aggressive strategies in court.


Speeding Laws & Penalties in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you will potentially face two main penalties for a speeding ticket: 1. a fine you must pay for the specific violation level and 2. points added to your driving record. When you exceed the posted speed limit on most major New Jersey roads, you are at risk of being issued speeding tickets carrying penalties at varying levels. Our experienced traffic violation lawyers can create an effective defense to lower fines, points, and other penalties for different offenses.

The penalties associated with speeding offenses are as follows:

In some specific situations, additional charges and penalties are applied to the speeding violations listed above. For example, if your speeding was deemed extreme for the road you were traveling on, authorities can actually issue a warrant for your arrest. Another example is that speeding fines will typically double when the offense occurs in a construction or school zone, as well as increasing your chances of also being charged with reckless driving.

Fight a Speeding Ticket in Mercer County, NJ

Traffic violations and speeding tickets are not simple by any means. When you are charged with a speeding violation, you can either plead guilty, pay the designated fines and accept the points, or you can fight the charges with the help of a reliable law firm. Our skilled speeding ticket attorneys will build a strong defense for you to pay lower fines and avoid having points assigned to your record. In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate a plea deal wherein points will be eliminated in exchange for your participation in a Driver Improvement Program.

If the prosecutor does not offer you a plea deal but you do not wish to plead guilty, we can fight the charges on your behalf. Choosing to defend yourself without representation could result in larger fines and more damage to your driving record. Instead of taking the risk, invest in your future by hiring a Trenton skilled speeding ticket attorney at Davé Law Firm.

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