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Divorce is a generally challenging and difficult process that can cause stress for both parties. This stress can become even greater in cases where children are involved. The issue of child custody and parenting time can become complex, confusing, and even threatening to the parent-child relationship. It is an issue that can have profound effects on both children and parents long into the future.

At Davé Law Firm, we understand the anxiety surrounding this often-complicated issue. Our Trenton child custody attorneys are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you obtain the right custody arrangement for your family. Your parental rights are important to us and we will work zealously to protect them as well as your children in the family courts.

Child Custody In New Jersey

Child custody in New Jersey as well as in other states is broken down into two categories.

These two areas include:

Joint vs Sole Custody

Both forms of custody can be either joint or sole. Common custody arrangements are both joint physical and joint legal custody. In New Jersey, courts favor joint child custody as being in the best interests of the child. This underlies the idea that children do best when they have a frequent and continuing relationship with both parents.

Joint Custody Arrangements

To facilitate joint custody arrangements, parenting plans are developed which give details of time spent with both parents. These plans include how custody will be handled during school or daycare as well as schedules for summers, vacations, holidays, special occasions, and more. The more detailed the plan is, the less probability for disagreements and disputes. The plan can also provide guidelines for the transfer of children between homes, how parents can resolve any issue that arise, emergencies, and more.

If you and your co-parent can agree on how custody should be arranged, you can create your own parenting plan and present it to the court for approval. If this cannot be negotiated, you will be required to go to court where the judge will decide based on evidence from both sides

Modifications & Enforcement

When life circumstances substantially change, you may need to seek a modification of your current custody order through the courts. Enforcement actions may also need to be sought where a parent violates current custody orders. At Davé Law Firm, we provide representation for all custody matters in Mercer County.

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Child custody issues can be stressful, so it’s important to hire legal representation who can help you through that difficult time. Our Trenton child custody lawyers can help you find a solution that works for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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