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Fighting Traffic Tickets in Mercer County, NJ

Most of us have been or will be pulled over for a traffic offense at some point, especially seemingly minor traffic offenses. Even minor traffic offenses have the potential for serious consequences. When you are facing a traffic violation, we will fight for your rights, especially in helping you avoid accumulating points on your license.

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Helping You Navigate the Point System

In New Jersey, there are point values associated with most traffic violation charges, and these points vary based on the severity of the offense. There are a number of consequences for receiving points on your driving record.

Here are some of the consequences for points:

Once you have been classified as a persistent violator and successfully finish your driver’s license suspension to restore your driving privileges, you will be on probation for one year, during which a ticket or any other violation will result in another suspension.

Having a skilled attorney on your side is the best way to avoid these severe penalties. Another major way that an attorney can help you is to fight traffic charges to avoid the accumulation of points.

A driver may receive one to three points for:

A driver may receive four to eight points for:

A traffic attorney will help prevent you from having these points applied to your license whenever possible. That’s why it is so important to contact our skilled team right away when you are charged with a traffic violation.

We Can Help You

Traffic violations are not simple or easy to navigate. You can fight the charges with the help of our experienced attorney. Our skilled team will build a strong defense for you to avoid having points assigned to your record. Choosing to defend yourself in a traffic case could result in more damage to your driving record. Instead of taking the risk, invest in your future by hiring a lawyer.

You need and deserve a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable team to fiercely defend your rights. Contact us to secure an experienced and knowledgeable advocate who will work with you to achieve a desirable outcome in your case and avoid having points accumulate on your record and negatively affect your life.

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